Greed textCafé Psychologique considered GREED (it has to be big type!) last week –  the Café is so good at musing, pondering, wondering, opining (and sometimes whining) on everyday shared experiences of what it means to be a human being in the everyday stuff of life.

Let’s face it, greed has had a bad press – fat, greedy, hoarding overindulgence, compulsively seeking excesses of food, money, power, sex, alchohol, drugs – need I go on!  But Claire Bacha provided some welcome counterpoint to get us going, and invitations to look deeper – and we did!  Rocket science didn’t come into it as we mined the counterpoint – of course, deprivation the very source of greed, never having had enough!  Envy, fear of never being satisfied, desperation about not getting enough.  Reminded me of being a middle child in a family of five, greedy for as much cake as I could get, but inevitably guilty about my greed.  My solution – to be as careful as possible to cut the cake into five equal pieces – not easy! –  and then claim the biggest for myself; a perfect resolution!

Of course, inevitably being a psychotherapist.  I wondered about how greed was being lived out in the group as we talked.  How much time, space, attention did we all seek, and get, or not – how did we ration ourselves, in a greedy-but-hiding- it fashion (like my childish cake-cutting).  And as usual, lots of personal stories, observations, fascinating ideas, banter and fun.  I want more!

Jim Davis

Psyche Institute


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