Xmas myth

Every year when I was a kid I wished for what I really wanted, but somehow we all understood the financial situation and knew we wouldn’t get it. We always got something, I don’t remember any disappointment. The joy seemed to be in the anticipation and hope, caught up in the spirit of it all…

Is the traditional Christmas a myth?

Is the traditional Christmas of our childhoods actually real? Do families buy into a myth and try to create the Christmas that they wished for rather than what the reality was like? Is there the feeling that we’ve let down our partners, families, kids, and colleagues if we don’t attempt to achieve the mythical Christmas whatever the cost?

Is there something else that feeds our consumerism? I go along with the church’s view, but not necessarily for the same reasons. People are trying to fill a void, perhaps due to the church descending down the ladder of importance. With all religions there must be issues around the consumerism of Christmas. Do some parents fall into trap of giving kids what they want even though it is not a celebratory event for them? That must cause faith dilemmas and soul searching. What about those people who try to celebrate Christ being born?

Some Facts:

  • 17 million in the UK will borrow to cover the cost of Christmas. A quarter of all customers won’t have budgeted for it and will miss regular household payments despite the knock-on effects.
  • This year police were called to 7 violent incidents amongst shoppers, one woman had a broken wrist and another was dazed when a large T.V. fell on her head in the crush.
  • In US when the doors opened at 5am on Black Friday, 2000 shoppers knocked over a seasonal worker and he died of asphyxia. In another incident two women started punching each other in a store. The two men with them got their guns out and shot each other dead.

Some notes from the introduction by Mac Mackail to the discussion of CHRISTMAS on 9 December 2014


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