About Cafe Psychologique

french cafe

Do you want to discuss ideas in convivial surroundings with food, drink and good company?

Come and join us at the Cafe Psychologique! We meet on a Tuesday evening once a month at the Salutation Pub, near Oxford Road in Manchester. We explore a different topic each month which is introduced by someone who has a special interest or expertise in that area. Their role is not to give a lecture but to offer a few thoughts and questions to get our discussion going.

Many people say that they cannot imagine how it is possible to have one conversation between many people in a bar. It is indeed quite extraordinary. Why not come along and try it? There are ground rules of course but for the most part no one notices these. The conversation flows and this way and that, as people try out new ideas they have had about a topic. Importantly, the discussion is not a debate in search of the right answer. There is no pressure on participants to say something that is correct or better than what other people have said. We believe that there are always many different ways of looking at an idea.

One of the stimulating things about the Cafe Psychologique is that we often end up discussing things that were never anticipated when the topic was first thought about. Sometimes, topics that seem the least interesting on the surface end up being the ones that are the most fascinating. One thing that makes the Cafe Psychologique different from a general discussion group is people’s willingness to say that something about what a topic means for them. For example, when we discussed *Ageing* there were several poignant comments about people’s relationships with their grandparents as children and what it feels like to be growing older.

Previous topics of the Cafe have included: relationships, ageing, new year resolutions, joking, jealousy, birth and death, and lying. In the coming year (September 2014 to July 2015) we are planning to discuss: Forgiveness, greed, music and bodies. If you have a topic you would like us to discuss why not make a suggestion via our contact us form on this website?

If you would like to keep in touch with the events at the Cafe Psychologique why not follow us on Twitter @cafepsychologiq or email us at info@cafepsychologique.com?


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