Cafe Events

Picture of Satre sat in cafe

Picture of Jean-Paul Satre writing down the dates of the Cafe Psychologique for the coming year

The Cafe Psychologique at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday on every month (apart from August).

Here is the list of topics that we are discussing in the Cafe Psychologique over the coming year.

As you can see there are still a few dates where we can still choose what we might talk about together. If you have an idea about a topic that you would like us to discuss please contact us using our contact form.



Here is the list of confirmed topics and speakers for the coming year:

Date:                  Speaker:           Topic:

8 September                 Ian Parker                    STUPIDITY

13 October                   Alan Prodgers              A WALK ON THE WILDSIDE

10 November               Kate Lewis                    GIVING

8 December                  Jim Davis                     FRIENDS

12 January

9 February

8 March

12 April

10 May

14 June

12 July


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